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Christmas shaving gifts for men

04 December 2012

Christmas shaving gifts for men

It's that time of year again, where if you are looking at buying your man the ultimate gift for christmas, or in fact if you are just looking at buying a few stocking fillers then you have come to the right place. Shaving gifts for men are just about the most inexpensive, practical gifts you can choose for your fella' and we are sure that a shaving gift will brighten up his day and provide him with a great solution to those shaggy rags he calls a beard, let's face it ladies... we all love a bit of sexy stubble!

Lets look at this years best buys!

BaByliss For Men 7056CU 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit

Did we just say 10 in 1? Yes we did! For christmas get your man this absolutely stunning BaByliss For Men 7056CU 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit. We have found the rock bottom cheapest price on the net and it will be delivered in time for Christmas! Featuring:

  • Rechargeable trimmer for convenient cordless use with 4 interchangeable attachment heads
  • Precision trimmer (1 mm), with a five-position comb guide for a variety of different lengths and three body grooming comb guides
  • Detail trimmer for creating lines and effects in the hair
  • Nose and ear trimmer for the safe and easy removal of unwanted hair
  • Includes charging and storage stand for convenient storage

The Gillette Essential Travel Set:

The Gillette mens essential travel set might be designed for your week away in the Caribbean, however we have found that the kit comes with everything you would need to scrub up bi-weekly and keep you fresh faced and bright eyed. Definately invest in this cheap bundle!

  • Travel set containing a Mach3 razor, Proglide thermal scrub, Series moisturiser, Proglide shave gel, Arctic Ice deodorant and Head and Shoulders mini shampoo
  • Triple-blade shave means less irritation
  • Patented DLC comfort edges
  • Open cartridge architecture for easy rinsing
  • Blue lubricating strip fades when time to replace

Danielle Mens shaving gift set:

This Danielle mens shaving gift set is one of the most popular 'traditional wet shave' buys of 2012! With everything you could possibly need to enjoy the perfect traditional wet shave your man will feel like the real deal with a touch of class and british heritage with this stainless steel and chrome luxury shaving set, all for the price of a decent bottle of wine! You can't go wrong!

Can a traditional wet shave compare to a beard trimmer?

06 November 2012

Can a traditional wet shave compare to a beard trimmer?

A traditional wet shave, to some is incomparable to anything else the finesse and functionality of a traditional wet shave can far outreach the expectations of the modern beard trimmer user. However is this still the case? Technology isn’t just advancing in your home, for your TV, for your mobile and your broadband modern utilities such as toothbrushes and yes even your beard trimmers are advancing faster than people realise making the chores of trimming your beard simpler than ever before, so with all of the advancements is there any need to go to your local barber and fork out £40 for a perfectly tailored wet shave?

Costs of Traditional Wet Shaving

I go back to my original point that for most comparing the two is somewhat irrelevant, there are many advantages to having a traditional wet shave if performed by yourself, although tricky can become very cost effective and having a sharper single blade can give you a closer shave than using a beard trimmer who’s smallest setting might only be used for beard maintenance as opposed to skin close styles. This is where round head shavers and multi-blade trimmers come in to really give you that baby skin finish.

When looking at the cost of a modern beard trimmer you are looking at anything from £15 up to £100 for a top of the line beard trimmer, conversely if you are looking at investing in a wet shave these can cost anything from £20-£40 per shave! If done by a trained professional. Investing in your own wet shave equipment can of course save you a few pounds but it isn’t a simple case of picking up a single blade razor and going to town, a traditional wet shave takes preparation and a steady hand to do things correctly and of course to avoid some disastrous mishaps.

Another advantage of a traditional wet shave is the use of a traditional shaving brush, which creates a finer lather and protects the skin from the irritation caused by multiple passes with a razor, ironically those who choose to simply trim their beards and not gain a close to the skin finish don’t run the risk of cutting themselves, rough shaving methods and the need to lather and fuss about with the time consuming wet shaving method, so ultimately it is up to you what you prefer?

Both are very popular ways of maintaining a beard or getting rid of one completely. Both have their pro’s and con’s, thanks for taking the time to read this article, feel free to leave your comments below and let us know what you thought of beard trimmers vs. traditional wet shaves.

Panasonic ER-GY50 Body and Beard Trimmer

30 October 2012

Panasonic ER-GY50 Body and Beard Trimmer



The Panasonic ER-GY50 is a two in one wet and dry body shaver with a removeable beard trimmer comb, exclusively made to shave and trim all body areas. The Panasonic ER-GY50 can be used in or out of the shower, by using Panasonics wet/dry technology.

The stainless steel foil is hypoallergenic and three combs allow you to trim your body hair at different lengths. The added adjustable beard trimmer comb easily adjusts to nine beard settings, so you can always have a setting to match your style.

The Panasonic ER-GY50 is convenient and easy to handle, while the lightweight design makes it as portable as it is durable.

With the innovative multi-functional extendable handle, you can reach even awkward and difficult body zones such as your back. The handle can be extended up to 75 mm and bent in six steps so you can use this beard trimmer in all angles and body areas with complete ease of use.

For around £30 depending on provider the Panasonic ER-GY50 is an absolute bargain and comes with a whole host of warranties to choose from.

Famous cartoon beards

22 October 2012

Taking a step back on seriousness for today, is going to take a look at some of the most famous cartoon beards thats have had the opportunity to bless our TV screens, from a whole host of different decades do you remember any of these crazy cartoon beards? Maybe we should recommend them a new beard trimmer to use when they arn't busy 'hunting those pesky rabbits' and of course entertaining our children?

First up on our famous cartoon beard list is 'Papa Smurf':

Papa Smurf is a lovable wise character from 'The Smurfs' who is at the golden age of 542! He is the third oldest smurf after granpa and grandma smurf! He keeps a very tidy and well maintained beard for his age, we think he must be using the Phillips QC5380!

Next up we have Yosemite Sam! from the land of the Looney Tunes!

He is a grouchy, gunslinging prospector, outlaw and all round meanie! He has a particular grudge against Bugs Bunny, maybe he needs to team up with Elmer Fud more often? Trimming his beard might make him look a lot less mean, so we wouldnt advise him to do so!

Another very famous cartoon who loves sporting a fantastic beard is of course the legenary Homer Simpson.

Home Simpson, father of 3 balancing his work / life commitments means he doesnt have a lot of time to use his beard trimmer. This means he is often always found sporting his designer stubble, not a full on beard but a remarkable feature nonetheless. We think Homer would do well to keep making us laugh and not change a bit!

While not necessarily a cartoon character, Gandalf the Grey from the lord of the rings deserves a mention on our list of great cartoon beards.

He has captured many childrens hearts across the world and we feel his beard is a trademark that makes him who he is today. Gandalf is a wise and powerful wizard from Middle Earth, who is always willing to share and help out his friends in need.

Last on our list today is the one and the only... HAGRID! We absolutely love Hagrid.

Rebeus Hagrid is the lovable game keeper from the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Having catpured our hearts with his lovable trinkets, hobbies and his loving care for Harry himself, Hagrid is a valuabe member of the Hogwarts staff. His beard is justifiably epic, true and long! It would take more than just a simple beard trimmer to tame his wild hair.


Braun EP 50 Exact Power Review

16 October 2012

Combining a wide side for precise beard trimming and a narrow side for shaping beard outlines, moustache and sideburns.The Braun EP 50 Exact Power beard trimmer is certainly on our list of favourites hear at featuring a unique twin cutting system made of fine knife steel the Braun EP 50 Exact Power trimmer comes with a powerful 2-speed motor for accurate beard trimming and styling.

Using any of the 12 length settings ranging from 0.5mm - 25mm you'll be able to get any desired style in no time at all. In addition to 12 changeable settings you also have the option to save your 6 favourite lengths using the Braun 6 change facility. Boasting one of the most user friendly ergonomic designs, LED charging light, runnable on 3 AA batteries, a charging time of under 8 hours, an additional travel case that comes with the purchase price the Braun EP 50 Exact Power beard trimmer is one of the most competitive products in its price range.

This beard trimmer is renowned amongst it's many satisfied users and being able to handle months upon months of abuse of even the thickest hairs without ever breaking down and with very little maintenance, it has all the benefits of a heavy duty style of trimmer with all the lightness and ease of use as a ladies razor. Should you ever decide to maintain and care for this beard trimmer it takes only a few seconds to disassemble and clean with only a small handcloth to wipe over the blades removing any excess hair.

This trimmer is also one of the few trimmers that can also double up as a body shaver with a flexible head to make swift ease of navigating the many contours of the human body. Also included with the trimmer is a styling brush which can be used in combination with the trimmer to enable you to brush away any loose hairs that may have got in the way of the blades to give you a true barber finish that can only come from the Braun EP 50 Exact Power.

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