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The Remington MB4110 Beard Trimmer

08 October 2012

The Remington MB4110

The Remington MB4110, is one of the most budget friendly beard trimmers on the market right now. The Remington MB4110 features advanced titanium-coated, self sharpening blades infused with chromium for sharpness. Comes with a cordless feature for use around the bathroom, with an impressive 40minutes battery life per charge, The Remington MB4110 features a specialised beard comb which offers a range of lengths from as short as 0.4 millimetre (mm) for barely-there short stubble up to 5.5 mm for longer length beards. This range allows you to customise your own style and increases incrementally by 0.2 mm with every setting.

In addition to the comb are two further attachment heads to help meet all your grooming needs. There is a T-Blade for maximum speed and precision and a shaver head for smooth results. These two individual interchangeable heads are fully washable for quick and easy cleaning.


The Remington MB4110 is easy to maintain, and comes with a cleaning brush, oil bottle, storage pouch, mains charger, USB charger and a three year guarantee, not that you will have to use it.

Just one of the many great reviews for the Remington MB4110:

"I got this after my previous trimmer stopped holding it's charge, from looking at reveiws of the same product I used to use on here, I wish I had avoided it and got this Remington MB4110 stubble trimmer in the first place, the charge on this product seems to last for ages and is a good solid design with easy to control levels of trimming available to light stubble length upwards, I am more than happy with the length it trims to, I like a light stubble look and the Remington is the perfect tool for the job. Ladies, if you are looking for a stubble or beard trimmer for your man, look no further.

If I had any gripes about it it would be that it didn't come with a blade cleaning brush or kit at all, and the dial you use to set the blade length isn't as clear as it should be to show you exactly what length you are setting it to in millimeters at each setting mark which has cost them a star, other than that you will not go wrong with this trimmer if you want an easily to control trimmer with a long battery life this is the one for you"

This beard trimmer really is the product for the modern man on the move perfect as an addition to any mans grooming utensils. The Remington MB4110 is so user friendly that it can be used with no real thought whatsoever and so makes a breeze out of a chore like regular shaving.



Body Shaving for men

02 October 2012

When men talk about shaving, the last thing they will ever bring up in conversation is what beard trimmer they used to shave their chest, back, armpits, navel and even their groin. But with it being 2012 Just Beard Trimmers are jumping on the band wagon and writing you an invaluable guide on how to take care of each and every part of your body.

Some men prefer to simply trim and maintain their body hair while others prefer to get rid of it completely. Think that shaving your body hair isn't masculine? It is a known fact that the most vicious wrestlers wax or shave their chest so there's less to grab hold of during a match! Not so femanine now is it? Also it's a proven fact that 87% of women in the UK prefer a man that at least uses a beard trimmer to tidy up his body hair with the back, nose and ears being the most hated areas of hair growth on men.

Shaving your Chest

When shaving any part of your body that isnt your face including your chest, treat it the same as any regular shave, start by warming up the skin by having a hot shower and then lather the area up using a normal shaving cream. Chest hair likes to grow in many different directions unlike facial hair that usually grows in one general direction so always shave your chest from the top down, shaving from the bottom up means you are more likey to put more pressure on your skin and increases the risk of cutting yourself. Also be sure to leave the nipple area till last and NEVER shave ACROSS your nipples as they are very sensitive and will cut easily, instead shave outwards from the middle in alll directions, one stroke is usually enough to sort those few pesky hairs out.

Shaving your Back

When using a beard trimmer for your back, it is strongly recommended that you find someone to help you as there is very little you can do by yourself. At best you'll be able to do your shoulders with each opposite arm so untill you have someone to help you it's best to stick to waxing strips if you have to go about trimming your back solo. Ask your helper to use small even strokes with very little pressure, let your beard trimmer do all the hard work for you.

Shaving your Armpits

More and more men are shaving their armpits, not only because it will compliment your new hairless chest, but because scientifically it actually helps you smell better. Armpit hair traps sweat under your arms, that when left to dry creates that horrible odour we are all too familiar with, removing your armpit hair won't stop you sweating but will stop the build up of larger amounts of liquid drying and causing a stink. When shaving your armpit hairs always remember to lather up like usual and make small quick strokes to get rid of the larger amounts to begin with, once thinned out, you can go on to make larger strokes to smoothen out the area completely. Remember to moisturing and apply an after shave balm to stop irritation. Just ask any woman and im sure they will tell you how it's done!

Shaving your Groin

Ok, we knew it was coming and this for many men will be the deal breaker, you've shaved your chest, armpit, back and shoulders, do you really have to shave your groin? Well again it's completely your own choice, no one is forcing you to do it, many men trim their pubic hair for many reasons, some women prefer it, others hate it. If you are in a relationship and considering shaving your pubic hair always ask them first, hair grows of course but if your partner decides they don't like it, thats a few weeks out of the bedroom for you if you act irrationally.

When trimming your pubic hair, pull the skin tighter around the area you are shaving to make the skin as flat as possible, use gentle strokes toward your navel and then work your way around the sides and any other area's you feel necessary. Use a good quality moisturiser immediately after shaving to avoid irritation and itching the next day.

So there you have it, best of luck with finding alternative uses for your beard trimmers.

Panasonic ER2061 Precision Beard and Hair Trimmer

26 September 2012

Panasonic ER2061 Precision Beard and Hair Trimmer

The Panasonic ER2061 precision beard and hair trimmer is one of the latest products to come from Panasonic, usually renowned for their fantastic TV's and audio equipment not many people realise their beard trimmers are also some of the best around.

The panasonic ER2061 features an easily adjustable length setting swtich that ranges from 2mm up to 18mm for a truely detailed level of styling options. Stainless steel blades for truely prefect results and agrivation free trimming. The battery aswell is one of the panasonic ER2061's best features as on full power will last around 50minutes, which is more than long enough to perform even the most complicated shave.

The cutting blades themselves have a lifespan of around 3 years and even then can be replaced with the panasonic ER2061 additional blades that can be bought from all major retailers. With a charge time of only 8 hours this beard trimmer is perfect to take away with you on holiday or short business trips, keeping you tidy even in the most stressful of times.

Being one of the most economically priced beard trimmers just beard trimmers has to offer this really is a stunning examlpe of a quality product from the panasonic range of beard trimmers.

The maintenance of the trimmer is pretty standard for this type of product. In a nutshell, it recommends that you apply trimmer/clipper oil to four key points on the trimmer's blades before and after usage. This will extend the life of your blades dramatically. The trimmer does include a small bottle of oil which will probably last the user a good year or so. You can also purchase larger bottles of clipper/trimmer oil, which will probably last you a lifetime with just the one bottle!


The World Beard and Moustache Championships 2012

17 September 2012

The 2012 International German Beard and Moustache Championships, would you believe it? Held this year in Bad Schussenried, Germany, attracting thousands of spectators, fans and competitors from the world over taking part in 18 categories, including imperial moustaches, dali moustaches and the infamous chin beard freestyle.

German-born Arner Bielefeldt proved to be a ‘cut above the rest’ in the full beard freestyle category, Elmar Weisser, 47, beat over 160 contestants to the prize with his elaborate facial hair sculpture of a moose. It is the third time Mr Weisser has emerged as champion. In 2005 he won with a beard styled into the shape of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, and in 2007 with a representation of London's Tower Bridge.

He said he had begun preparing his creation for the Trondheim event at 7am, with the help of his sister. "When my beard isn't styled, it goes down to my waist. It is sort of folded up," he told the AFP news agency. The World Beard and Moustache Championship has been running every two years since 1995 and its organisers say it is "the premier event in the international sport of bearding".

Moustache championships in Norway Contestants from all over the world compete in 14 categories, including natural goatee, sideburns freestyle, Hungarian moustache and imperial partial beard. Organisers say the field has traditionally been dominated by Europeans but that the US, which has twice hosted the event, is fast becoming "the world's new facial hair super power".

Beard Trimmer Buyers Guide; What to look for

31 August 2012

When trying to find the perfect beard trimmer there are a variety of factors to consider. The market for beard trimmers over the last few years has become extensive with lots of styles, features and factors to consider when trying to find the right beard trimmer for you. The first to consider is what are you going to be using the beard trimmer for. Will you be using it simply for keeping your stubble at a tidy “designer stubble” length, using it to shave your hair, using it to remove unwanted body hair or all of the above.

The beard trimmers available on the market at moment are designed for a variety of uses and some of the trimmers are better for certain types of use. If for example you want to use your trimmer for your stubble and for your hair something like the Philips QC5380 could be the best product for you, if however you want to use it to remove nose and ear hair but no intention of using it your hair the Babyliss For Men 7235u 10 In 1 Grooming System could be perfect. If you are looking for a good all round shaver you may want to look at the Babyliss For Men 7890u I-Stubble. Another thing to consider is the thickness of your stubble. Is it thick and course or fine and wispy? If you have thick stubble you may want to consider a shaver with a turbo power setting, that extra power drive will be useful in getting through the thicker patches of hair. Again the Philips QC5380 would be a good choice for men with thicker hair and stubble.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Have you found that beard trimmers in the past have irritated your skin or have been problem free in this area. If you have sensitive skin you may want to look at beard trimmers with “floating heads” like the I stubble. These will adapt to the contours of your face and help to reduce irritation with your skin.

Another important factor is your budget

The prices on beard trimmers can vary immensely from the very inexpensive to the almost professional price point. Like with many things in life you get what you pay. Some of the more expensive beard trimmer include features such as titanium coated blades which are a massive advantage and help the trimmer be very precise but also make the beard trimmer last longer by making the blades blunt at a much slower rate. Features like these are well worth considering if they are within your budget because you could have the trimmer for a much longer time.

The best way to pick your beard trimmer is to think about what you will be using it for and then pick a trimmer with the features that you will make the most use of.

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