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The Most Famous Beards In History, did they use Beard Trimmers?

24 August 2012

Throughout history the world has bear witness to some of the most famous faces in the world, but do we remember their faces or do we remember their beards? Iím going to take a trip through time and space and give you a look at some of the most recognisable beards in history, how could they have maintained such beards without beard trimmers?

Beard trimmers are taken for granted in todayís society with the ease of simply plugging in your latest ĎiStubbleí and leaving with a chiselled and attractive facial feature for all to admire. Beard trimmers were not available to the likes of Fagan (Oliver Twist) or good old Santa Claus so maybe their recognisable looks are better left out of reach of beard trimmers.

Fagan (Oliver Twist), Fagan remains one of the most recognisable faces in English Literature, and itís all because of his sinister smile complimented by a shaggy and un Ėcared for beard, he could definitely use some beard trimmers.

Abraham Lincoln, Our fore fathers would have been proud of such a fantastic feat of facial hair, Honest Abe could have done with a set of beard trimmers like the Phillips 8300 to give him a more serious look when it came to addressing the nation.

Osama Bin Laden, Ok his beard strikes fear even into the heart of every good hearted American and heís definitely not the most popular of our list. A beard trimmer is definitely needed to sort out his mighty grooming needs.

Santa Claus, The merriest and arguably the most famous beard on our list today. If he had a beard trimmer for his yuletide inspired facial hair it might take him until next Christmas just to get rid of it all, we sure hope Chris Cringle sure doesnít change his style anytime soon, there might be a lot of disappointed children.

Philips QC5380 Male Hair Clippers

10 August 2012

The Philips Qc5380 is a beard come hair trimmer with great appeal. The hair clipper is versatile and can be used to trim a beard, shave your head or get rid of unwanted body hair. Philips have been marketing the Qc5380 as a powerful hair clipper with professional performance at a price that is affordable for home use.

The Philips Qc5380 has a turbo power setting and is capable of cutting through even the thickest of hair with relative ease. It features titanium coated blades for precision cutting and to make for a durable product that will last for years, as you would expect from a quality brand like Philips. The blades do not need oiling which is a good inclusion in this hair trimmer and you can easily open the head of the trimmer to rinse it out, making this an easy trimmer to maintain and clean.

The comb of the Philips Qc5380 is designed to be contour following for a close and accurate trim. It follows the contours of your head, face or body comfortably and does not cause irritation. It has 12 length settings from 0.5mm to 21mm and also a comb designed particularly for that 1mm crew cut look.

The Li-Ion battery on this trimmer is good and will last for 75 minutes of cordless trimming without needing to be recharged. When you do charge the trimmer you will need to leave it for an hour for another 75 minutes. There is also a display which shows will warn you when the battery is running low. It is a constant red light and when there is around ten minutes left it will start to flash orange, so you should not end up caught out with half a haircut.

This Philips trimmer has been designed beautifully it feels nice in your hand and is well balanced. It has definitely been designed with ergonomics in mind. It is also a smart looking trimmer and has not been over designed with a simple but elegant style. It is light weight and very easy for you to use on yourself in the mirror or on others.

It comes with a two year guarantee from the manufacturer Philips so you can be confident that a good product built to last.

Over the years I have owned a number of Philip products including beard trimmers. This is a great product and like other Philips products I have bought I feel this offers outstanding value for money and will last you for years. Because of the versatility and price of this product I would have no problem recommending this trimmer to anyone who would like to buy a great value trimmer capable of cutting thick hair and keeping your stubble and body hair tidy. If you like to have a crew cut or you’re an expert with a hair trimmer this product could save you a small fortune in haircuts very quickly.

Most Popular August 2012 Beard Trimmer - Philips QC5380 Male Clipper


Philips QC5380 Male Hair Clippers FROM £34.99

Babyliss 7890u Beard TrimmerThis male hair clipper is suitable for cutting stubble, facial hair and head hair (or all three!) it has 12 built in length settings grades 1-13, Grade 1 is too long for the designer stubble look, but it is fine for a beard trimmer. Made by Phillips a manufacturer of quality household goods for 120 years you know it will last!

Having the innovative built in grades (or length settings) it also saves you hassle and clutter of storing and fitting separate combs for each length. There is a push button turbo feature power for any hair type when the going gets tough and the titanium coated blades are sure to last years and provide superior cutting power. However the Philips Qc5380 unit is not suitable for wet use and is primarily designed for cutting hair. Useful extra features include that it can be used cordless or corded and the charging time of the Li-ion battery is just 60 minutes.


Top 5 UK Selling Beard Trimmers in 2012

01 August 2012

Remington MB320C Barba (Barber) Beard Trimmer

This is the top selling beard trimmer in the UK. If you do some research on this beard trimmer it will not take you long to realise why it so popular. It’s amazing value for money! The comb is well designed and ensures that you don’t trim much. The Remington MB320C is very easy to use. You can casually trim your beard without having to worry about your designer stubble becoming patchy.

Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Hair, Beard, Moustache Trimmer Set

This is a great beard trimmer! It looks like a professional beard trimmer and performs like a professional beard trimmer. Wahl’s expertise in professional grooming equipment really shows with this product. If I had a criticism of the Groomsman it would be regarding the stand and not the beard trimmer. The stand is ok it’s just a bit fidgety and easy to knock over. All said though this is a great product.

BaByliss For Men 7890U i-stubble Trimmer

This is my personal favourite. BaByliss have taken the world of beard trimmers to the next level with an automated digital length setting. This not only looks cool but it actually works! There is a unique floating head which really does follow the contours of your face for an efficient and comfortable shave. The digital display does not suck up the battery life and it holds charge for an hour’s worth of beard trimming.

Philips QT4090/32 Pro Stubble Trimmer with Turbo Vacuum and Additional Stubble Comb

This is best selling beard trimmer with a vacuum. Although I don’t see having a vacuum as an essential part of a beard trimmer it is a nice addition to a trimmer and helps to keep your bathroom floor clean. The vacuum does actually work well and the Pro Stubble is well designed and is great for precision shaving. The worth thing about this trimmer is the poor travel pouch which does nothing to help protect the beard trimmer in your luggage when travelling.

Philips TT2040 Rechargeable All-in-One Bodygroom Pro

The Philips beard trimmer is a great bit of grooming equipment designed for full body trimming. It features a 3d pivoting head for a close and comfortable shave with no irritation to your skin. The combs have rounded and so have blades for maximum comfort on your skin and this has clearly been the focus of the design of this trimmer. The trimmer has been made water proof so you can use it in the shower. Not necessarily a requirement for its use as a beard trimmer but handy when you are using it as a body shaver.

The Designer Stubble Look

30 July 2012

How to Get That Designer Stubble Look

So we have seen hundreds of pop stars, sport stars, movies stars and other celebrities sporting designer stubble. Someone who has great designer stubble looks like they havenít made any effort. They couldnít be bothered to shave or have just fallen out of a trendy night club. In fact you will find that most guys with the designer stubble look and certainly the vast majority of celebrities have worked to get the look they desire.

This look is becoming not only desirable for celebrities but also common place for the average man. It is now acceptable in most offices for the men to have designer stubble. Even if you go to a wedding where you have a church full of guys in smart suits looking their best, if you look round you will notice that most of them have either a beard or designer stubble. This is not because people are becoming lazy it is the in fashion.

So How is the Designer Stubble Look Achieved?

Well as I mentioned itís not the lazy mans approach. It does require a bit of work and you will need a good beard trimmer if you want to avoid looking scruffy. The first thing to do of course is to grow some stubble. But let it grow, now you donít need to go as far as Grizzly Adams but let it get a little scruffy so that you have something to work with.

The part I find looks a bit messy is the neck hair and this is really a choice of preference. There are plenty of guys out there that look smart with a hairy neck but it does require a bit more beard trimming to keep looking smart, but itís your beard choice your own style.

Personally I have fair hair so I donít find this to be a problem but I know guys with darker hair tend to keep it shorter so it doesnít look messy. Once you have made this decision itís time to turn your scruffy facial hair into designer stubble.

So you will now need to trim your beard. I suggest you get a beard trimmer with a grade 1 setting or Equivalent. Something more sophisticated like the I-Stubble which can be set to a level of your choice is also good.

Before you get trimming itís always best to shape your beard to how you would like. This can be done with a normal razor or the edge of your beard trimmer without a gradient on. You donít need to be exact at this point because you can tidy it up a bit later. But remember the designer stubble look means looking like you have made an effort, so almost a combination of smart and well groomed with scruffy.

When this is done you run over the remaining stubble with your grade one or similar setting. Finish off any the edges to your liking and there you have it! The designer stubble look!

Keeping it looking smart depends on how much your hair grows a day. But really a shave on the same gradient every few days should be enough even for dark haired guys with fast growing hair. You do need to keep repeating the process of keeping the shape of your beard even but you will find with a good beard trimmer you will get a good routine going and keep looking smart.

Celebrity Outrageous Beards

20 July 2012

Which Celebrity Needs a Beard Trimmer the Most?

I have been racking my brains for days now to come up with a list of the Silver Screens greatest beard wearing characters. Hollywood is a awash with beard wearers and some of Hollywood’s top stars such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robin Williams, Pearce Bronson and Robert Downie Jr to name but a few beard trimmer afficionados are famous for beards on screen and off.

Most of these celebrities obviously enjoy the feel and fashion of wearing a beard off screen. And they are obviously regular users of beard trimmers, but in this article I want to have a look at some of more humorous and to be honest more ridiculous beards from the big screen. So I am going to list my top 5.

Top 5 Outrageous, Funny or Scruffy Beards

Number 5 - Beard Afficiando

This is Sasha Baron Cohen playing the dictator Admiral General Aladeen, in his latest film titled The Dictator.  Some of Sasha’s fans may not have been as impressed with his latest effort as with previous films but he has made my list because the beard is just ridiculous and those of you that have seen the film will know that the state of his beard becomes a common, if not over used, joke in the film.

Number 4 - Wolf Pack Beard

I think another obvious choice for the best beards on the silver screen is Alan “Wolf Pack” Garner from both the hangover films. These films were a massive comedy success all over the world and an undoubted part of this was Alan and his beard. The character played by Zach Galifianakis, a guy who clearly does not find time to dust off his beard trimmer, was hilarious but with a side that left you with a genuine affection for him, in spite of his actions. His beard added massively to this appeal and I am in not doubt that it was a massive part in Zach being cast in this role.

Number 3 - Hero Worship Facial Hair

Another character that follows a similar comedy theme as the two previously mentioned. This guy just had to make the list, being a personal favourite as mine. It is if you hadn’t guessed is the DUDE! The Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges was a massive hit in this film and like Alan his scruffy personal appearance and lovable character have made him a hit with students across the world.

Jeff Bridges, unlike Zack does seem to own a decent beard trimmer, although you will find he is wearing a beard in a large number of films he is often seen on the Hollywood red carpet with a neat beat and sometimes even clean shaven.

Number 2 - Facial Hair Styling

The next on the list is a little different and most have taken hours of male grooming to get and keep in shape for recording scenes in the film. This is a character that is obviously a serious beard trimmer. If you hadn’t guessed it is Seneca’s played by Wes Bentley in The Hunger Games. This is actually a serious beard and any comedy really comes from the extent of over grooming and really taking yourself a little too seriously.

Number 1 - Hair Raising

The winner has got to be Chia Hui Liu from Kill Bill. What can I say this is just an epic beard and brings up images of generations worth of great beards from the world of Kung Fu films. Although it might be unwise to point out to many of these characters that their beards are in fact hilarious due to the fact that the character probably has at least ten ways he can kill you with it. The character is played by Pai Mei, who is a kung fu master.  From what I can find out about this Kung Fu film star master and film star there is not a lot of work needed to get him into character. So he has to win just for living such an amazing beard 24 hours seven.

Well Done Pai Mei….. You have some skill!!

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