The Most Famous Beards In History, did they use Beard Trimmers?

24 August 2012

Throughout history the world has bear witness to some of the most famous faces in the world, but do we remember their faces or do we remember their beards? I’m going to take a trip through time and space and give you a look at some of the most recognisable beards in history, how could they have maintained such beards without beard trimmers?

Beard trimmers are taken for granted in today’s society with the ease of simply plugging in your latest ‘iStubble’ and leaving with a chiselled and attractive facial feature for all to admire. Beard trimmers were not available to the likes of Fagan (Oliver Twist) or good old Santa Claus so maybe their recognisable looks are better left out of reach of beard trimmers.

Fagan (Oliver Twist), Fagan remains one of the most recognisable faces in English Literature, and it’s all because of his sinister smile complimented by a shaggy and un –cared for beard, he could definitely use some beard trimmers.

Abraham Lincoln, Our fore fathers would have been proud of such a fantastic feat of facial hair, Honest Abe could have done with a set of beard trimmers like the Phillips 8300 to give him a more serious look when it came to addressing the nation.

Osama Bin Laden, Ok his beard strikes fear even into the heart of every good hearted American and he’s definitely not the most popular of our list. A beard trimmer is definitely needed to sort out his mighty grooming needs.

Santa Claus, The merriest and arguably the most famous beard on our list today. If he had a beard trimmer for his yuletide inspired facial hair it might take him until next Christmas just to get rid of it all, we sure hope Chris Cringle sure doesn’t change his style anytime soon, there might be a lot of disappointed children.

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