Beard Trimmer Buyers Guide; What to look for

31 August 2012

When trying to find the perfect beard trimmer there are a variety of factors to consider. The market for beard trimmers over the last few years has become extensive with lots of styles, features and factors to consider when trying to find the right beard trimmer for you. The first to consider is what are you going to be using the beard trimmer for. Will you be using it simply for keeping your stubble at a tidy “designer stubble” length, using it to shave your hair, using it to remove unwanted body hair or all of the above.

The beard trimmers available on the market at moment are designed for a variety of uses and some of the trimmers are better for certain types of use. If for example you want to use your trimmer for your stubble and for your hair something like the Philips QC5380 could be the best product for you, if however you want to use it to remove nose and ear hair but no intention of using it your hair the Babyliss For Men 7235u 10 In 1 Grooming System could be perfect. If you are looking for a good all round shaver you may want to look at the Babyliss For Men 7890u I-Stubble. Another thing to consider is the thickness of your stubble. Is it thick and course or fine and wispy? If you have thick stubble you may want to consider a shaver with a turbo power setting, that extra power drive will be useful in getting through the thicker patches of hair. Again the Philips QC5380 would be a good choice for men with thicker hair and stubble.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Have you found that beard trimmers in the past have irritated your skin or have been problem free in this area. If you have sensitive skin you may want to look at beard trimmers with “floating heads” like the I stubble. These will adapt to the contours of your face and help to reduce irritation with your skin.

Another important factor is your budget

The prices on beard trimmers can vary immensely from the very inexpensive to the almost professional price point. Like with many things in life you get what you pay. Some of the more expensive beard trimmer include features such as titanium coated blades which are a massive advantage and help the trimmer be very precise but also make the beard trimmer last longer by making the blades blunt at a much slower rate. Features like these are well worth considering if they are within your budget because you could have the trimmer for a much longer time.

The best way to pick your beard trimmer is to think about what you will be using it for and then pick a trimmer with the features that you will make the most use of.

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