Panasonic ER2061 Precision Beard and Hair Trimmer

26 September 2012

Panasonic ER2061 Precision Beard and Hair Trimmer

The Panasonic ER2061 precision beard and hair trimmer is one of the latest products to come from Panasonic, usually renowned for their fantastic TV's and audio equipment not many people realise their beard trimmers are also some of the best around.

The panasonic ER2061 features an easily adjustable length setting swtich that ranges from 2mm up to 18mm for a truely detailed level of styling options. Stainless steel blades for truely prefect results and agrivation free trimming. The battery aswell is one of the panasonic ER2061's best features as on full power will last around 50minutes, which is more than long enough to perform even the most complicated shave.

The cutting blades themselves have a lifespan of around 3 years and even then can be replaced with the panasonic ER2061 additional blades that can be bought from all major retailers. With a charge time of only 8 hours this beard trimmer is perfect to take away with you on holiday or short business trips, keeping you tidy even in the most stressful of times.

Being one of the most economically priced beard trimmers just beard trimmers has to offer this really is a stunning examlpe of a quality product from the panasonic range of beard trimmers.

The maintenance of the trimmer is pretty standard for this type of product. In a nutshell, it recommends that you apply trimmer/clipper oil to four key points on the trimmer's blades before and after usage. This will extend the life of your blades dramatically. The trimmer does include a small bottle of oil which will probably last the user a good year or so. You can also purchase larger bottles of clipper/trimmer oil, which will probably last you a lifetime with just the one bottle!


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