The Remington MB4110 Beard Trimmer

08 October 2012

The Remington MB4110

The Remington MB4110, is one of the most budget friendly beard trimmers on the market right now. The Remington MB4110 features advanced titanium-coated, self sharpening blades infused with chromium for sharpness. Comes with a cordless feature for use around the bathroom, with an impressive 40minutes battery life per charge, The Remington MB4110 features a specialised beard comb which offers a range of lengths from as short as 0.4 millimetre (mm) for barely-there short stubble up to 5.5 mm for longer length beards. This range allows you to customise your own style and increases incrementally by 0.2 mm with every setting.

In addition to the comb are two further attachment heads to help meet all your grooming needs. There is a T-Blade for maximum speed and precision and a shaver head for smooth results. These two individual interchangeable heads are fully washable for quick and easy cleaning.


The Remington MB4110 is easy to maintain, and comes with a cleaning brush, oil bottle, storage pouch, mains charger, USB charger and a three year guarantee, not that you will have to use it.

Just one of the many great reviews for the Remington MB4110:

"I got this after my previous trimmer stopped holding it's charge, from looking at reveiws of the same product I used to use on here, I wish I had avoided it and got this Remington MB4110 stubble trimmer in the first place, the charge on this product seems to last for ages and is a good solid design with easy to control levels of trimming available to light stubble length upwards, I am more than happy with the length it trims to, I like a light stubble look and the Remington is the perfect tool for the job. Ladies, if you are looking for a stubble or beard trimmer for your man, look no further.

If I had any gripes about it it would be that it didn't come with a blade cleaning brush or kit at all, and the dial you use to set the blade length isn't as clear as it should be to show you exactly what length you are setting it to in millimeters at each setting mark which has cost them a star, other than that you will not go wrong with this trimmer if you want an easily to control trimmer with a long battery life this is the one for you"

This beard trimmer really is the product for the modern man on the move perfect as an addition to any mans grooming utensils. The Remington MB4110 is so user friendly that it can be used with no real thought whatsoever and so makes a breeze out of a chore like regular shaving.



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