Braun EP 50 Exact Power Review

16 October 2012

Combining a wide side for precise beard trimming and a narrow side for shaping beard outlines, moustache and sideburns.The Braun EP 50 Exact Power beard trimmer is certainly on our list of favourites hear at featuring a unique twin cutting system made of fine knife steel the Braun EP 50 Exact Power trimmer comes with a powerful 2-speed motor for accurate beard trimming and styling.

Using any of the 12 length settings ranging from 0.5mm - 25mm you'll be able to get any desired style in no time at all. In addition to 12 changeable settings you also have the option to save your 6 favourite lengths using the Braun 6 change facility. Boasting one of the most user friendly ergonomic designs, LED charging light, runnable on 3 AA batteries, a charging time of under 8 hours, an additional travel case that comes with the purchase price the Braun EP 50 Exact Power beard trimmer is one of the most competitive products in its price range.

This beard trimmer is renowned amongst it's many satisfied users and being able to handle months upon months of abuse of even the thickest hairs without ever breaking down and with very little maintenance, it has all the benefits of a heavy duty style of trimmer with all the lightness and ease of use as a ladies razor. Should you ever decide to maintain and care for this beard trimmer it takes only a few seconds to disassemble and clean with only a small handcloth to wipe over the blades removing any excess hair.

This trimmer is also one of the few trimmers that can also double up as a body shaver with a flexible head to make swift ease of navigating the many contours of the human body. Also included with the trimmer is a styling brush which can be used in combination with the trimmer to enable you to brush away any loose hairs that may have got in the way of the blades to give you a true barber finish that can only come from the Braun EP 50 Exact Power.

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