Best Value - The Remington MB320c Barber Beard Trimmer

05 July 2012

The Remington MB320c Barber Beard Trimmer is a very popular beard trimmer and provides great value for money retailing currently at 16.80 from Dixons. The carbon coated blade on the Remington MB320c is strong and durable and means that you are buying a product that will last for years.

I have used Remington products a lot over the years and with the MB320c Remington have produced another great value for money piece of equipment.

The MB320c Beard Trimmer has nine pre-set length setting and an easy to use zoom wheel that lets you be as precise as you want. Personally I find that once I have a length of stubble I like the length setting does not get changed but it's useful to have the flexibility when your finding that length of the start.

The MB320c trimmer includes lube for life technology so there is no need to worry about oiling, a process which often gets neglected and ultimately reduces the life span of your beard trimmer.

It is easy to use and has a pop up trimmer for more detailed trimming and those harder to reach spots. It holds charge for forty minutes of use time and although this might not seem like long I do not find myself constantly charging the trimmer.

The Remington MB320c Barber Beard Trimmer is a nice looking piece of grooming equipment Remington having even included a nice looking travel case and when I went on holiday the trimmer and case fitted easily into my hand luggage.

For any ladies out there reading this thinking of buying the MB320c as a gift I would highly recommend this trimmer. Particularly for younger guys who probably wouldn't get as much use out of functions such as nose and ear trimmers that many of the more expensive trimmers include.

Finally and potentially most importantly the Remington MB320c Barber Beard Trimmer is easy to use and easy to keep clean, it has a hinged cutting element so there is nowhere for the stubble to hide when cleaning it.

Although I have now bought another more expensive beard trimmer, mainly for the extra functions such as the ear and nose trimmers I still find myself using this one when I am going away. Thankfully I am not yet at an age where nose and ear hair build up quickly so I find when I go on holiday I don't need the extra functions so I just take my Remington.

This is a great product and would be my preference in the low value category of beard trimmers. I have looked at a variety of reviews on this trimmer and I am hard pushed to find someone who is not pleased with this product. All I can think of is the fact that it doesn't include the nose and ear hair trimming functions that once every few months I find useful with my more expensive trimmer.

Happy trimming!

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