Keep stubble in check with beard trimmers

09 January 2013

Keep stubble in check with beard trimmers

January is here, Christmas is over and we've probably put on a few unwanted pounds. Why not distract attention away from an unsightly belly with some designer stubble? With a quality beard trimmer you'll be smouldering more than the fireplace during this cold start to 2013.

The key to keeping your stubble in check is to use a quality beard trimmer with a fine grade setting that can be applied smoothly over your chin, cheeks and neck. Many brands of beard trimmer are proving perfect for the job like the Remington MB4110 Beard Trimmer.

Each beard trimmer has their own benefits and drawbacks and normally it takes a few trial shaves to determine which beard trimmer you are going to enjoy using the most and will provide the most consistent results. Allowing for a decent amount of stubble can be a welcome addition to any male's grooming habits, the 5'Oclock shadow or 3 day growth are popular terms used these days to describe sexy male stubble by the most important of critics of all, women.

We recommend attending to stubble with your beard trimmer regularly to keep the hair at a consistent length, there is nothing worse than having uneven stubble across your jaw line, it can alter your face shape and become more of a hindrance to your complexity.

Letting your stubble grow out further won't be a bad thing but there is a fine line when it comes to stubble being attractive to then being classed as a full on beard, there is no universally recognised stubble length and unfortunately it is down to the individual but mroe often than not as long as stubble is not grown for more than 3-4 days you can safely remain in the 'sexy' zone.

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