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Futuristic beard trimmers

23 July 2013

Futuristic beard trimmers

Imagine a world where beard trimmers become so accurate you can set a cutting distance using a laser that bounces off your skin thousands of times a second and alters the height of the blades to keep the hair length exactly the same throughout the contours of your chin and cheek. Imagine a beard trimmer that uses skin recognition software so only you can use your beard trimmer and no one can turn it on if they steal it. These additions might seem pointless but these features might soon become a reality as consumers demand for newer and more high tech devices to come onto the market.

It would be awesome if futuristic beard trimmers would start coming on the market, and I feel an advancement of modern male grooming is long overdue. I want to be able to sit in a chair and let robot arms cut my hair, shave my stubble and pamper me in half the time that it would take a traditional barber to do the same, because frankly no one enjoys small talk.

We already have the computing power to be able to make a device that could easily trim our beards for us and do so in far greater accuracy than we could ourselves, but could we trust a blade wielding computer to trim our beards for us? Maybe not as I’m sure a few horror stories would spring up if the technology didn’t have reasonable fail safes in place.

Blade wielding robots aside, what if we invest in not only advanced shaving tools but advanced shaving creams too? I have long wondered if men could use a shaving cream that partially dissolves the hairs on your face enough so that the blades would cut through even easier eliminating the need for shavers with 6+ blades, just a thought.

Futuristic beard trimmers could be the way forward to revolutionise the way in which men prioritise their daily grooming tasks. One such suggestion was a form of plastic face mask that used targeted vibrations to draw hairs out of the follicles and simply... ‘Fall off’ painlessly, I can’t begin to think about the scientific implications of this technology but hell I wouldn’t mind a pseudo beard trimmer/face massager in the mornings.

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