BabyLiss for Men 7890u I-Stubble Beard Trimmer

05 July 2012

July 2012 Best Buy Beard Trimmer - Babyliss 7890u I-Stubble

Babyliss I-Stubble FROM £39.99 to £59.99

Babyliss 7890u Beard TrimmerBaByliss for Men i-trim or i-stubble is designed to give you every day stubble control. The 7890u beard trimmer has 30 super precise length settings, so you can maintain your preferred facial hair style and look at all times.

The i-stubble shaver's shortest setting is 0.4mm and its longest is 3.5mm with 28 other length settings in between, the unit is quite a bit longer than other shavers on the market but it doesn't feel over size and glides smoothly and precisely over skin. The i-trim feels well made and solid and should provide many years of quality and daily use.

I am strongly considering buying the BabyLiss for Men 7890u I-Stubble. There has been a lot of hype about this product and I was sure the catchy I-Stubble branding has a lot to do with this. Initially I was a little bit cynical about this product but a friend has bought the I-Stubble through and he is very pleased with it, as well my website!


Get the Designer Stubble Look Here


I have had a look at his I-Stubble and I have to admit I was impressed by the look and style the product, it is well designed bit of kit and although I am more concerned with function it looked very cool sitting on the cabinet in his bathroom.

I was also impressed by the digital display and the mechanical length setting which saves a lot of fuss and hassle when changing the length setting, thinking about it would be handy to take on holiday because you don't need lots of the clipper grades, which can be easily lost.

I didn't use the I-Stubble because my friend had been telling me that he had successfully trimmed his pubic area with the trimmer the previous day and although he assured me he cleaned the I-Stubble I still wasn't keen so he gave me a demonstration.

I have done a bit of research on the I-Stubble because I think this is going to be a big seller. Bayliss have been sensible and taken all the best features of the i-trim, a popular beard trimmer and built a new trimmer with some significant improvements. Bayliss have noticed that people are becoming more conscious of their length of their designer stubble and like to be different from their friends and even have a different look day to day. The I-Stubble has 15 different length setting, which is significant variety and I think is enough for even the most fickle or fashion conscious among us.

The Bayliss is also a quick beard trimmer, my friend remarked that he was particularly impressed with how quickly it chopped through his previously thick beard. He said the I-Stubbles unique tilting head was really useful and made for an efficient and comfortable shave. And like Bayliss own marketing suggests it did lead to a nice even finish.

It takes ninety minutes to charge and this will give you 45 minutes of use. Although this seems like most other quality beard trimmers, the quicker trimming time means you will need to recharge it less.

Something I would like to comment on is the sixteen hour initial charging time. Bayliss seem to be making it very clear that when you get your I-Stubble you need to charge it for sixteen hours before use. I know that this is because it will maximise the charge your I-Stubble will hold and life span of your beard trimmer so really would take this advice seriously if buying an I-Stubble.

As a summary I think this is a great beard trimmer and I know they have a delighted customer in my friend. If you are looking for a versatile, quick and stylish daily beard trimmer this could be the product for you. The I-Stubble does not come with things like the ear and nose hair trimmer that some of its competitors in the same price range do but as a pure daily beard trimmer I think you will be hard pushed to find a better product.

Happy Trimming!

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