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20 July 2012

Which Celebrity Needs a Beard Trimmer the Most?

I have been racking my brains for days now to come up with a list of the Silver Screens greatest beard wearing characters. Hollywood is a awash with beard wearers and some of Hollywood’s top stars such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robin Williams, Pearce Bronson and Robert Downie Jr to name but a few beard trimmer afficionados are famous for beards on screen and off.

Most of these celebrities obviously enjoy the feel and fashion of wearing a beard off screen. And they are obviously regular users of beard trimmers, but in this article I want to have a look at some of more humorous and to be honest more ridiculous beards from the big screen. So I am going to list my top 5.

Top 5 Outrageous, Funny or Scruffy Beards

Number 5 - Beard Afficiando

This is Sasha Baron Cohen playing the dictator Admiral General Aladeen, in his latest film titled The Dictator.  Some of Sasha’s fans may not have been as impressed with his latest effort as with previous films but he has made my list because the beard is just ridiculous and those of you that have seen the film will know that the state of his beard becomes a common, if not over used, joke in the film.

Number 4 - Wolf Pack Beard

I think another obvious choice for the best beards on the silver screen is Alan “Wolf Pack” Garner from both the hangover films. These films were a massive comedy success all over the world and an undoubted part of this was Alan and his beard. The character played by Zach Galifianakis, a guy who clearly does not find time to dust off his beard trimmer, was hilarious but with a side that left you with a genuine affection for him, in spite of his actions. His beard added massively to this appeal and I am in not doubt that it was a massive part in Zach being cast in this role.

Number 3 - Hero Worship Facial Hair

Another character that follows a similar comedy theme as the two previously mentioned. This guy just had to make the list, being a personal favourite as mine. It is if you hadn’t guessed is the DUDE! The Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges was a massive hit in this film and like Alan his scruffy personal appearance and lovable character have made him a hit with students across the world.

Jeff Bridges, unlike Zack does seem to own a decent beard trimmer, although you will find he is wearing a beard in a large number of films he is often seen on the Hollywood red carpet with a neat beat and sometimes even clean shaven.

Number 2 - Facial Hair Styling

The next on the list is a little different and most have taken hours of male grooming to get and keep in shape for recording scenes in the film. This is a character that is obviously a serious beard trimmer. If you hadn’t guessed it is Seneca’s played by Wes Bentley in The Hunger Games. This is actually a serious beard and any comedy really comes from the extent of over grooming and really taking yourself a little too seriously.

Number 1 - Hair Raising

The winner has got to be Chia Hui Liu from Kill Bill. What can I say this is just an epic beard and brings up images of generations worth of great beards from the world of Kung Fu films. Although it might be unwise to point out to many of these characters that their beards are in fact hilarious due to the fact that the character probably has at least ten ways he can kill you with it. The character is played by Pai Mei, who is a kung fu master.  From what I can find out about this Kung Fu film star master and film star there is not a lot of work needed to get him into character. So he has to win just for living such an amazing beard 24 hours seven.

Well Done Pai Mei….. You have some skill!!

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