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The Designer Stubble Look

30 July 2012

How to Get That Designer Stubble Look

So we have seen hundreds of pop stars, sport stars, movies stars and other celebrities sporting designer stubble. Someone who has great designer stubble looks like they havenít made any effort. They couldnít be bothered to shave or have just fallen out of a trendy night club. In fact you will find that most guys with the designer stubble look and certainly the vast majority of celebrities have worked to get the look they desire.

This look is becoming not only desirable for celebrities but also common place for the average man. It is now acceptable in most offices for the men to have designer stubble. Even if you go to a wedding where you have a church full of guys in smart suits looking their best, if you look round you will notice that most of them have either a beard or designer stubble. This is not because people are becoming lazy it is the in fashion.

So How is the Designer Stubble Look Achieved?

Well as I mentioned itís not the lazy mans approach. It does require a bit of work and you will need a good beard trimmer if you want to avoid looking scruffy. The first thing to do of course is to grow some stubble. But let it grow, now you donít need to go as far as Grizzly Adams but let it get a little scruffy so that you have something to work with.

The part I find looks a bit messy is the neck hair and this is really a choice of preference. There are plenty of guys out there that look smart with a hairy neck but it does require a bit more beard trimming to keep looking smart, but itís your beard choice your own style.

Personally I have fair hair so I donít find this to be a problem but I know guys with darker hair tend to keep it shorter so it doesnít look messy. Once you have made this decision itís time to turn your scruffy facial hair into designer stubble.

So you will now need to trim your beard. I suggest you get a beard trimmer with a grade 1 setting or Equivalent. Something more sophisticated like the I-Stubble which can be set to a level of your choice is also good.

Before you get trimming itís always best to shape your beard to how you would like. This can be done with a normal razor or the edge of your beard trimmer without a gradient on. You donít need to be exact at this point because you can tidy it up a bit later. But remember the designer stubble look means looking like you have made an effort, so almost a combination of smart and well groomed with scruffy.

When this is done you run over the remaining stubble with your grade one or similar setting. Finish off any the edges to your liking and there you have it! The designer stubble look!

Keeping it looking smart depends on how much your hair grows a day. But really a shave on the same gradient every few days should be enough even for dark haired guys with fast growing hair. You do need to keep repeating the process of keeping the shape of your beard even but you will find with a good beard trimmer you will get a good routine going and keep looking smart.

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