Philips QC5380 Male Hair Clippers

10 August 2012

The Philips Qc5380 is a beard come hair trimmer with great appeal. The hair clipper is versatile and can be used to trim a beard, shave your head or get rid of unwanted body hair. Philips have been marketing the Qc5380 as a powerful hair clipper with professional performance at a price that is affordable for home use.

The Philips Qc5380 has a turbo power setting and is capable of cutting through even the thickest of hair with relative ease. It features titanium coated blades for precision cutting and to make for a durable product that will last for years, as you would expect from a quality brand like Philips. The blades do not need oiling which is a good inclusion in this hair trimmer and you can easily open the head of the trimmer to rinse it out, making this an easy trimmer to maintain and clean.

The comb of the Philips Qc5380 is designed to be contour following for a close and accurate trim. It follows the contours of your head, face or body comfortably and does not cause irritation. It has 12 length settings from 0.5mm to 21mm and also a comb designed particularly for that 1mm crew cut look.

The Li-Ion battery on this trimmer is good and will last for 75 minutes of cordless trimming without needing to be recharged. When you do charge the trimmer you will need to leave it for an hour for another 75 minutes. There is also a display which shows will warn you when the battery is running low. It is a constant red light and when there is around ten minutes left it will start to flash orange, so you should not end up caught out with half a haircut.

This Philips trimmer has been designed beautifully it feels nice in your hand and is well balanced. It has definitely been designed with ergonomics in mind. It is also a smart looking trimmer and has not been over designed with a simple but elegant style. It is light weight and very easy for you to use on yourself in the mirror or on others.

It comes with a two year guarantee from the manufacturer Philips so you can be confident that a good product built to last.

Over the years I have owned a number of Philip products including beard trimmers. This is a great product and like other Philips products I have bought I feel this offers outstanding value for money and will last you for years. Because of the versatility and price of this product I would have no problem recommending this trimmer to anyone who would like to buy a great value trimmer capable of cutting thick hair and keeping your stubble and body hair tidy. If you like to have a crew cut or you’re an expert with a hair trimmer this product could save you a small fortune in haircuts very quickly.

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Philips QC5380 Male Hair Clippers FROM £34.99

Babyliss 7890u Beard TrimmerThis male hair clipper is suitable for cutting stubble, facial hair and head hair (or all three!) it has 12 built in length settings grades 1-13, Grade 1 is too long for the designer stubble look, but it is fine for a beard trimmer. Made by Phillips a manufacturer of quality household goods for 120 years you know it will last!

Having the innovative built in grades (or length settings) it also saves you hassle and clutter of storing and fitting separate combs for each length. There is a push button turbo feature power for any hair type when the going gets tough and the titanium coated blades are sure to last years and provide superior cutting power. However the Philips Qc5380 unit is not suitable for wet use and is primarily designed for cutting hair. Useful extra features include that it can be used cordless or corded and the charging time of the Li-ion battery is just 60 minutes.


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