Babyliss For Men 7235u 10-in-1 Titanium Grooming Set

  • Babyliss For Men 7235u 10-in-1 Titanium Grooming Set
    Babyliss For Men
    State-of-the-art rechargeable titanium 10 in 1 grooming system for all over face and body trimming with turbo boost for extra cutting power. For trimming, shaving and styling of facial hair. Smooth, safe and gentle trimming of body hair. Safe, easy removal of unwanted nose and ear hair. Stainless steel with titanium cutting blades for extreme sharpness and precision and with taper control for fine cut adjustment. Features: Washable; Grades 1-5 (0.5 to 15mm); 16hr charge time for 30 mins usage; 90min quick-charge time; 10 attachments: includes nose and ear trimmer, foil shaver, detail trimmer, body groomer, precision trimmer, 5 position comb guide, 4 body groomer combs, charging stand. Titanium coated blades for precision and sharpness. Charging indicator; Cordless use; Turbo boost button; Accessories include: cleaning brush, oil, moustache comb, charging stand and instructions. General information: Power source: rechargeable; Worldwide voltage; Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee; EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 3030053072355.
    19.99 Argos

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