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Best Price Babyliss i-stubble 7845bu

You are in the right place if you want the latest fashion accessory; designer stubble! So whats the best beard trimmer to get the look? Well in my humble opinion it has to be the i-stubble from Babyliss. Babyliss have been looking after the UKs male and female grooming needs for years now, and manufacture high quality products that last. My favourite in this instance is the 7845bu and with a little shopping around it can be had for less than £25, an absolute bargain if you ask me! But you don't have to shop around or even leave your comfy chair we have the latest prices from Boots, Amazon and Currys just one click away. Happy grooming.

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Then you have come to the right place, Just Beard Trimmer has news, tips and advice on styling facial hair, as well as price comparisons from all the top UK retailers that you know and trust such as Amazon, Argos, Sainsbury's, Asda, Comet and many more. Buy your next shaver in confidence and get the best price, we have best prices updated daily for brands such as Remington, Babyliss, Phillips, Braun, Panasonic and Wahl.

The Best Buy Beard Trimmer - Philips QC5380 Male Clipper

Philips QC5380 Male Hair Clippers FROM £34.99

Babyliss 7890uThis male hair clipper is suitable for cutting stubble, facial hair and head hair (or all three!) it has 12 built in length settings grades 1-13, Grade 1 is too long for the designer stubble look, but it is fine for a beard trimmer. Made by Phillips a manufacturer of quality household goods for 120 years you know it will last!

Having the innovative built in grades (or length settings) it also saves you hassle and clutter of storing and fitting separate combs for each length. There is a push button turbo feature power for any hair type when the going gets tough and the titanium coated blades are sure to last years and provide superior cutting power. However the QC380 unit is not suitable for wet use and is primarily designed for cutting hair. Useful extra features include that it can be used cordless or corded and the charging time of the Li-ion battery is just 60 minutes.


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Beard Trimmer Info

Electric shavers are pretty simple machines with few electronic parts and yet we take this for granted much of the time we place this item on our face and expect a perfect and safe shave. Every trimmer or shaver will consist of cutting blades either a single blade or a set of blades usually made of steel but newer models are now coming with titanium coated blades to prevent wear and lengthen the life of the blades. These blades are then separated from the face or body by a foil or in the case of clipper style beard trimmers a gaurd which size denotes the length of hair left after cutting and this is called the ‘grade’.

There will also be a fairly simple circuit board that forms the electronic heart and a battery or cord to provide power, for this reason it is important to ensure you select a beard or hair trimmer that will work in water if that is what you desire, as one that isn't designed for wet use will quickly be destroyed by water with the battery shorting and electrical components at risk of damage too.

The circuit board and power for the battery drives a motor which spins a shaft that is slightly off centre to provide motion to the blades beneath the foil or grade. This will cause the hairs that meet the blades (past the grade guard you are using) or that protrude through the protective foil to be cut by the moving blades.

No two manufacturers use the exact same mechanism and many shavers come with some fancy extras and additions these days however it is important to keep to the manufacturers care and maintenance schedule to extend the life of your beard trimmer or body shaver. Including lubricating the blades regularly if recommended and ensuring you keep to the correct charging cycle for battery operated shavers. It is also important never to leave a battery operated trimmer on charge all the time as this will severely reduce the life of the battery.

Look after your beard trimmer or body shaver and it will look after you.

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