Braun Cruzer 6 Hair Trimmer

  • Braun Cruzer 6 Hair Trimmer
    Cut and style your beard and hair to the way you want it with the Braun Cruzer 6 Hair Trimmer . Shaped and styled The hair trimmer is designed with an adjustable comb that trims to the selected length. There are 12 different lengths to select from, so if it's designer stubble or a full-on beard the Cruzer trimmer can handle it. The beard comb has six length settings (1-11 mm) while the hair comb has six more (10-20 mm), ideal for customisable cutting. With click & load functionality you can adjust the length at a finger's touch, cutting out the fuss of attachments. Furthermore, the Braun trimmer features an ultra sharp stainless steel trimming element, perfect for precision cutting and beard shaping. Cut with convenience A powerful dual battery system offers more cutting convenience. The power from the battery ensures a consistent trim no matter the conditions, so there are no irregularities. The beard and head trimmer has a sealed body that prevents dust and water entering the system, allowing you to effectively clean the trimmer under running water. Create the perfect cut with the Braun Cruzer 6 Hair Trimmer !
    £49.99 Currys

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