Philips Qc5530/15 Rotating Hair Clipper

  • Philips Qc5530/15 Rotating Hair Clipper
    The 180 degree rotating head on the Philips QC5530/15 Rotating Hair Clipper means it's perfect for cutting your own hair. Easy to use and giving perfect results every time, the QC5530/15 is great for men who believe DIY is a motto for life, not just for putting up shelves. With three interchangable heads that let you cut from 1mm up to 30mm, this clipper set is water washable for easy maintenance. Additionally the blades are self-lubricating and self-sharpening, meaning its as hassle-free as possible. Contour-following combs make sure that the cut is an even length, while protective combs and skin-friendly blades prevent scratching. Also a zoom-ring lets you easily select the length you want. A brilliantly easy product to use, the Philips QC5530/15 Rotating Hair Clipper is unbeatable.
    23.99 From Dixons

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