Philips Qc5130/15 Hair Clipper

  • Philips Qc5130/15 Hair Clipper
    The Philips QC5130/15 Hair Clipper can be used cordless or corded, providing plenty of flexibility, and has an adjustable comb for 10 length settings. Home haircutting has never been easier than with the QC5130/15 Hair Clipper. Its rounded combs and blades prevent scratching and nicks, while its maintenance-free blades stay sharp and have no need for oiling. The adjustable comb, which moves in ten increments (2mm each, up to 21 mm), mean no fussing with different attachments for different lengths. Compact and lightweight, the QC5130/15 Hair Clipper from Philips is like having a barber at your beck and call!
    16.99 From Dixons

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